Civil Fraud

Clive is ranked as one of the UK’s leading civil fraud Silks.  His skill in this area has led to an impressive case list.


K v B [2015]

Claim arising out of alleged misrepresentations inducing a multimillion-pound shareholders agreement.

Abela v Baadarani [2013] UKSC 44; The Times 8 August 2013

Clive appeared for the successful applicant in a fraud case about alternative service outside the jurisdiction in Lebanon. Struck out in the Court of Appeal, the advocacy challenge was to persuade the Supreme Court to become interested in a case of an essentially procedural point, and then that three Lords Justices were mistaken. Despite the unpromising facts of the incidence of the limitation period and inexcusable delay for service during the primary period for service, by a minute examination of the facts, the Supreme Court Justices were persuaded to restore the multi-million dollar claim.

VTB v Malofeev and others in the Cayman Court of Appeal (4 June 2013).

Application against two non-parties to English proceedings for freezing injunctions raising questions of jurisdiction and discretion.

VTB Capital Plc v Nutritek International Corp (2012) EWCA Civ 808: Lawtel 20/6/2012: [2012] 2 Lloyd’s Rep 313 : [2012] 2 BCLC 437 : [2012] 2 CLC 431

Action in fraud/conspiracy by an English Bank (subsidiary of a Russian bank) raising issues of lifting the corporate veil, jurisdiction, freezing order issues and loss in tort of deceit.  Fraud on English subsidiary of Russian bank. Effect of participation agreements on right to recover damages. Lifting the corporate veil.

Jenington International Inc v Assaubayev (2010) EWHC 2351 (Ch): Lawtel 17/2/11

Cross-examination and disclosure following worldwide freezing order  relating to investment in goldmines in Kazakhstan.  Original freezing order in respect of vast alleged fraud raising USD 200 million on London market.

Mark Noble v Martin Raymond Owens (2010) EWCA Civ 224: Lawtel 10/3/2010 : [2010] 3 All ER 830: [2010] 1 WLR 2491 : Times, May 10, 2010

Impeaching a judgment for fraud in a personal injury case.

4 Eng v Roger Harper (No.2) (2010) BCLC 176

Setting aside transactions prejudicing creditors under the Insolvency Act 1986.

4 Eng v Roger Harper (2009) Ch. 91

Damages for loss of chance in fraud cases.

Dadourian v Simms [2006] EWCA Civ 399 Lawtel 11/4/2006 : [2006] 1 WLR 2499 : [2006] 3 All ER 48 : [2006] 1 All ER (Comm) 709 : [2006] 2 Lloyd’s Rep 354 Times, May 23, 2006

Leading case on worldwide freezing injunction giving rise to the Dadourian guidelines.

Dadourian Group International Inc v Simms (2006) EWCA Civ 1745: Lawtel 20/12/2006 : [2007] 2 All ER 329 : [2007] 2 All ER (Comm) 498 : [2007] 1 WLR 2967 : Times, January 17, 2007

Committal for contempt and freezing orders.

Dadourian Group International Inc v Azuri Ltd (2005) EWHC 1768 (Ch)

Trusts and freezing injunctions.

Black v Davies [2005] EWCA Civ 531

Copper broking and breach of fiduciary duty by front running. Jurisdiction to award compound interest.

Black v Davies (No.1) (2005) EWCA Civ 531

Copper broking and breach of fiduciary duty by front running. Jurisdiction to award compound interest.

Zakaharov v White: Lawtel 28/10/2003 : (2003) 100(47) LSG 21 : (2003) 153 NLJ 1669 : Times, November 13, 2003

Contempt of court and High Court bench warrants.

Barry Martin Parker v Laurence Stephen Snyder (2003) EWCA Civ 488

Defending against alleged fraud in share sale.

Dubai Aluminium Company Ltd v Sayed Reyadh Sayed Abdulla S Naser Al Alawi & Ors (2002) EWHC 2051 (comm) QBD Lawtel 10/10/2002 : (2002-03) 5 ITELR 376

Alleged secret commissions in aluminium industry.

Dubai Aluminium Co Ltd v Al-Alawi Lawtel 10/1/99 : [1999] 1 WLR 1964 : [1999] 1 All ER 703 : [1999] 1 All ER (Comm) 1 : [1999] 1 Lloyd’s Rep 478 : Times, January 6, 1999  

Legal professional privilege: the iniquity exception.

Crown Resources Ag v Vinogradsky & Ors (2001) QBD: Lawtel 19/11/2001

Secret commissions and liability, and duties of agents in oil industry.

International Fund for Agricultural Development v Jazayeri (2001) QBD (Commercial Court) 2001 WL 1476313

Evidence and summary judgment.

Arrow Nominees Inc v Blackledge (2000) CA (Civ Div) 2 BCLC 167

Effect of forged document on procedural fairness of a trial.

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